Our Purpose

The Bhaktivedanta Gita Academy seeks to serve the Supreme Lord Krishna by providing different type of courses (Bhagavad-gita, Srimad Bhagavatam etc.) that are designed to help every one grow and mature in Sanatan Dharma sastra. Everyone will benefit from a deeper and more profound look into the foundation of ISKCON Hare Krishna movement, as we explore the Scriptures to discern the living being, nature of God and their eternal relationship. So whether you are new to the Faith, or have followed Bhagavad Gita for many years, The Gita Academy has systematic courses that will meet your needs and challenge you to grow.

The first purpose of these courses is to focus on equipping believers—new and mature, young and old—to be prepared to “defend the faith” and to provide answers for those who are inquiring about Gita. Learn how to address issues such as: ‘Iswar(The supreme personality of God Head), ‘Jiva’(Living entity), ‘Prakriti’(Material Nature), ‘Kala’(Time factor), ‘Karma’(activities) and world religions.

Secondly, We seek to encourage the Devotee to apply devotional service in all aspects of life.

By Srila Prabhupada’s mercy we have launched this new website to offer several courses, practices for everyone. Hope you take this golden opportunity.

Hare Krishna.