• Bhagavad Gita Correspondence Course Grade-II

  • We conduct the Grade Two course in a similar fashion as Grade One.

    • Time-Schedule: One year
    • Course Materials:
      • Bhagavad-Gita As It
      • Teachings of Queen Kunti
      • Nectar of Instruction.
    • Guide Books:
      • Grade Two Gita Guide: Part One  (Ch-1st to 6th)
      • Grade Two Gita Guide: Part Two  (Ch-7th to 12th)
      • Grade Two Gita Guide: Part Three  (Ch-13th to 18th)


    As the candidates (we call them Siksharthis) successfully complete Grade One course and attend Seminar in Mayapur, arranged by us, they are informed about the Grade Two Gita Study Course. They can also come to know through prospectus also. A portion of the candidates enroll themselves for this deep & profound course.

    They do the course staying at home in the similar process as Grade One and complete the course after getting through a final exam by securing minimum 40%.

  • This course is available only in Bengali

Yearly Seminar

  • The successful students are invited in a yearly five-day Gita Seminar.
  • A Special Exam on the Bhagavad Gita is held here in Mayapur.
  • In the seminar all the successful candidates are given gifts and certificates.

Course Fee:

Deposit Course Fee  Rs. -650/- (we will send all documents by Resister post/ Courier service)

if you have all the books in above mention course material then only course fee Rs. 650/- or

if not 

1. Registration + Kunti Devi Siksha                                                                            Rs. 755/-

2. Registration + Kunti Devi Siksha + Upadeshamrita                                            Rs. 785/-

3. Registration + Bhagavad Gita as it is                                                                     Rs. 980/-

4. Registration + Kunti Devi Siksha + Upadeshamrita + Bhagavad Gita as it is. Rs. 1115/-

5. Registration + Upadeshamrita                                                                               Rs. 680/-


Our Bank a/c-  ISKCON , AXIS BANK , a/c-237010100005944,

After transaction please send your Grade-I registration number with full postal address, mobile number, occupation, qualification, age, etc by email.

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